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Tunisia: crude oil production down 6% in late April

Domestic production of crude oil went down by 6% at the end of April 2015 reaching 830 kt.

This decline is due to the 30% decline in the production of Hasdrubal field, and because of the problem that occurred at the LPG processing unit and was accompanied by an increase in water production from January 2015. Hence, a reduction in production was needed to help solve the problems caused by this increase.

Added to that production shutdown at Chergui field because of social problems and a 45% decline in Anaguid East field production, following the temporary closure of wells Aamani#2 and Nada# 1 for economic reasons to minimize gas flaring pending finalization of the pipeline project.

Other reasons for the decline in domestic production of crude oil include continued natural fall in production in key fields, including those of Hasdrubal, Adam, Cherouk, Ouedzar, Dido, and MLD.

Despite this, an upward trend was recorded at the production of certain fields such as El Hajeb / Guebiba (+ 9%) and Ashtart field (+ 14%), knowing that production declined in early 2014 following work on these two fields, Baraka field (+ 39%), Cercina field (+ 71%) and Sabria field (135%) following the entry into production of the well “Sabria 12a ‘December 14, 2014 and gradual entry into production of a new development well “Sab # 13” from April 27, 2015.


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