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Tunisia: Dilou to B. Trabelsi, ”return home and you will be treated in compliance with the law.”

Since the Revolution, Tunisia has been living through a transition period, where justice remains at the heart of the event. Former politicians and businessmen are waiting for justice to be rendered, like martyrs and wounded of the Revolution, and generally, all those who consider themselves victims of repression, plunder and flight.

Much has been said about transitional justice, but little has been done. The fact is that many people remain in prisons, while others are struck by a ban on travel and investment.

We spoke about all that with Samir Dilou, Minister of Transitional Justice, during the first phase of the national conference on the launch of dialogue on the process of transitional justice that began on Saturday April 14, 2012 in Tunis. The answers were brief and general. What is Dilou still hiding?


How to instill in Tunisians transitional justice?

To instill in Tunisians the spirit of transitional justice, we need the cooperation of the government, civil society, media … We are counting on events organized by the government, and associations in order to entrench this principle. We will confirm, then, that the Tunisian process is a good example of successful transitional justice.

Obviously, this national conference is a first step to be followed by others until the completion of the first phase by adopting the Law on transitional justice by the Constituent Assembly.

It is therefore essential to ensure national consensus among all political parties in the Government, opposition and civil society around transitional justice.

We would like to establish a process that reflects a national consensus and that is immune to political manipulation, the logic of the majority and opposition and ensures the participation of all parties to achieve the best proposals on this issue.

In his speech, Marzouki accused the former government, which, he said, had put obstacles to impede the process of transitional justice, what are these obstacles?

I will not comment on what the president had said, but what I can say is that the obstacles that we found are natural, since the Revolution was characterized by its delicate aspect, so we must work together to tackle the problems on all fronts.

What is your reaction to the letter of Belhassen Trabelsi? Will this letter be part of the process of transitional justice?

We do not want to include political-oriented cases or others in the process of transitional justice. We are committed to treating Belhassen Trabelsi, brother of the deposed president, in accordance with the law and to give him a fair trial. All Tunisian remains full citizen, even if he is subject to legal proceedings.

It remains to confirm that all those involved in corruption, malfeasance and abuse of power, will be punished. Nobody will escape justice.

Several organizations have recently said that torture still exists in prisons even after the Revolution. Have you received complaints about it?

I am not aware, but we have received complaints concerning practices of torture in detention centers. The Department of Human Rights and Transitional Justice plans to create a commission intended to deal with this issue.

You have accused two opposition leaders of having exploited the issue of the wounded of the Revolution, who are exactly these two persons and have you really evidence about their involvement?

I never said that and I do not want to return to this subject.

Is Beji Caid Essebsi really involved in the case of torture of Youssefists?

I do not want to talk about judicially-oriented procedures. We cannot include a purely judicial matter in the process of transitional justice.

Many social networks have reported information on the allocation of 750 million dinars to former political prisoners, specifically Nahdhaouis. What do you think?

It is disinformation. May God forgive those who spread this rumor. May God forgive the one who asked me the question.

What about the progress of the case of the wounded of the Revolution?

It is well advancing.


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