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Tunisia: Enactus and Citi propel 4,000 young entrepreneurs in Maghreb

Enactus and Citi Foundation join forces to launch Impact @ Work, the largest regional social entrepreneurship program in the three Maghreb countries: Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, aimed not only at developing entrepreneurial skills and Managers among 4,000 young people by March 2018, but also to instill in them the spirit of leadership in order to enable them to create their own project and facilitate their integration into working life and thus improve their lives.

According to a study carried out on behalf of Citi and EIU, young people in the Middle East and Africa and, most probably, all over the world do not acquire the skills needed to access to work through traditional means.

“Impact @ Work” is part of the global approach of the Citi Foundation “Pathways to progress”, which aims to prepare young urban people to prosper in today’s economy.

This program addresses a key outcome of a study commissioned by Citi and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on how cities around the world support young people’s ambitions and contribute to their economic opportunities.

This study showed that, compared to other young people in the world, young people in the Middle East and Africa are more likely to say they do not acquire the skills they need to get a job.

Funding of more than half a million dollars has been mobilized by the CITI Foundation in the Maghreb region to help accelerate the economic opportunities of young people through programs based not only on action but also on various activities such as entrepreneurship education and the acquisition of leadership, financial and managerial skills.


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