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Tunisia: enhancing digitalization to fight corruption (ICTEQ)

It is important to consolidate digitalization in public services, to guard against the risks of any crisis such as that of COVID-19 and to address the phenomenon of corruption, said an official at the Tunisian Institute of Competitiveness and Qualitative Studies (ICTEQ).

In the last forum of the Institute, Hanen Trabelsi Baklouti, head of the Directorate General of Competitiveness, discussed the perception of administrative procedures by Tunisian business leaders, saying that several surveys by ICTEQ “have shown that the slowness of administrative procedures remains the main reason behind corruption in companies.

In fact, a company head or an executive of his board of directors devotes an average of 26.58% of his working time to carry out administrative formalities and to separate the related files.

This rate would rise to 10.56% if all procedures were carried out online without any obligation to travel.

This time saving could be more important in certain sectors such as textiles and clothing, leather processing and footwear or construction and public works for industry, argued Baklouti.

The effort made by the Customs is beginning to pay off, as 24% of companies questioned in the business climate and business competitiveness survey carried out by the ICTEQ said they use online customs clearance.

The results of this survey conducted in 2019, involving 1,200 companies, were published in 2020.


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