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Tunisia: Foreign investment regains momentum

One-hundred-percent foreign and joint industrial investments increased from 422.7 MTD in the first four months of 2011 to 447.1 MD in the first four months of 2012, up 5.8%, said the recent Industry Newsletter.

This increase is due to 100% foreign projects whose investment reached 333.9 MTD against 137.2 MTD in the same period of 2011, up 143.3%. However, investments of partnership projects fell 60.4% from 285.5 MTD to 113.2 MTD.

The increase recorded in 100% foreign and partnership investment is mainly due to miscellaneous industries (222.9 MTD against 53.5 MTD), following the announcement, in March, of the creation of a unit for recycling of used tires with a value of 196.2 MTD.

This is also the case of leather and footwear industries (31.3 MTD against 3 MTD), following the reporting, in January, of the extension of a shoe manufacturing unit for an amount of 28.9 MTD.


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