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Tunisia-France: FDI will recover their pace only from 2012

Out of the 1,250 French companies operating in Tunisia, only thirty are facing disturbances and closed. Some are even making extensions. However, only a few number of new company settlement is recorded. This is roughly the stocktaking of the French economic presence made by the

Director General of the Tunisian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTFCI), Habib Gaida. Questioned on the current situation of French companies, he said two of them have difficulties one specializing in the pharmaceutical sector and the other in services.

“There are important signs when you see a venture capital fund of “Societe Generale” redeem 34% of a Tunisian pharmaceutical company for 310 MTD and a large group in the electronic field called Astil Flash, buy a plot of 30,000 square meters, and this despite the difficult economic conditions Tunisia is living through, he nevertheless noted.

Accompanying measures have been implemented to remedy the situation. “We’re trying to help these people to keep existing jobs and make extensions. Indeed, one of the aircraft groups has already recruited 1,000 people. “Despite

these efforts, it is high time to recognize that this tends to generate some concern among investors who are now trapped with the events marking the Tunisian economic platform. This stage could hinder access to financial markets and reduce the ability of Tunisia to seduce foreign investors. ” There are many hesitation, people do not yet see the future of Tunisia. We believe that FDI will recover their normal pace only from 2012, the DG of CTFCI predicted in an interview with African Manager.

This stage requires better assessing this situation and proposing joint actions to stimulate activity especially since the new economic context free of corruption should boost investment in general and foreign direct investment (FDI) in particular.

Moreover, large projects of railway infrastructure, highway, real estate, and in the field of energy and environment, amounting to several billion Euros, will be restarted, and French operators have all their opportunities to participate in a context of transparency.

“Foreigners want to invest in a country where there is calm and visibility. Therefore, it is important to gather and provide conditions for security and social peace needed for the start of projects and the revival of the development process,” he said in this regard.

Need I remind you that there are investors who trust Tunisia have confirmed their intention to work in Tunisia? “he said. This step requires joint efforts to further contribute to promote the destination of Tunisia and develop strategies in the areas of Industry, regional development and reform of higher education and vocational training.

In this regard, and according to our interlocutor, the Tunisian-French Chamber of Commerce and industry (CTFCI) has stepped up its programs, particularly its communication campaign

in France in partnership with the Tunisian Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) to reassure French companies and support their activities in Tunisia.

“We held several meetings in France. Moreover, another meeting will be held very soon in Marseilles in the presence of Abdelhamid Triki, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.

I think this is a better approach which could give good results in the medium and long term since there is some uncertainty at the political level, “he concluded.


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