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Tunisia: “Gabés one of the best cultivation regions for tomatoes” (SanLucar)

Gabés is unique and one of the best regions to grow tomatoes. There is a hot spring that we use to heat the greenhouses. The spring also gives our tomatoes their special flavor,” says Abel del Villar, brand manager of the company, during the Tomato Conference in Antwerp.

“In 2008 we decided to grow ourselves and set up a tomato production in Tunisia,” he told specialized website Fresh Plaza. “We discovered that the region Gabés is one of the best regions world wide to grow tomatoes.

A hot spring 1,200 meters deep means that the tomatoes are supplied with a mix of minerals that cause the unique taste.

Other advantages of Tunisia are that the country is close to Europe and the large amount of hours of sun. The climate is ideal and in the winter months there is a lot more light.

We use geothermal water from the spring that heats our greenhouses. This saves energy and is better for the environment. The water is rich in minerals. All conditions added together produce the beautiful tomato with a delicious flavor,” he added.

Besides Tunisia, SanLucar gets its tomatoes from Spain, Germany and a small part from the Netherlands.

The Spanish company SanLucar was founded in 1993 by the German Stephan Rötzer. He founded SanLucar in Valencia. “Today it offers 90 different products from 30 countries. It supplies 35 supermarket chains in 20 countries.”

SanLucar made a turnover of over 400 million Euro in 2014/15. “Over 2500 people work in our main office in Spain and other offices in Germany, Austria, Tunisia, Ecuador, South Africa, Costa Rica, Portugal and the Netherlands.”


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