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Tunisia: inflation rises to 6.2% in March (INS

Inflation reached 6.2 pc in March against 5.8 pc in February, the National Institute of Statistics said, after the country saw the rate fall for six consecutive months.

This is due to food price increases resuming at a sustained pace of 5.1 pc against 3.7 pc in February.

The upward trend in food prices was driven by a hike in the prices of fruits (+13.8%), fish (+9.3 pc) , vegetables (+5.7 pc ) and meat (5.1 pc) .

Manufactured items saw their prices grow 7.9 pc as a result of prices of household cleaning products and hygienic and personal care products jumping 10.4 pc and

8.8 pc, respectively.

Core inflation and inflation Inflation of administered products

The national Institute of Statistics said core inflation (exclusive of foodstuff and energy) stood at 7 pc in comparison with 6.9 pc in February and 6.8 pc in January.

The prices of non-administered goods rose 6.3 pc against 6.1 pc for administered prices. Prices of non-administered foodstuff posted a 5.8 pc increase compared to 1.5 pc for administered products.

Consumer prices rise 0. 8% in March

In March, consumer prices were up 0.08 pc as a result of foodstuff prices going higher (+1.8 pc).

The lattere were pushed up by considerable hikes for fresh vegetables (6. 9 pc) , fresh fruits (2.8%) and fresh fish (2.6%).

Prices of tobacco and alcoholic drinks followed suit (+4.2 pc)

Prices of manufactured goods also showed a slight rise (+0.7%) driven by the increased prices of household cleaning products(+0.09 pc) and personal care products ( 0.09 pc).


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