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Tunisia: Inflation virtually stagnates to 6.4%

Tunisia’s Inflation almost stabilized at 6.4% in April 2013 against 6.5% in March 2013 and 5.8% in February 2012, according figures from the INS made public on Thursday.

A slight decline of 0.1 results from the decrease yoy in the inflation rate of “food and beverages” group from 8.8% in March to 8.2% in April.

The inflation rate recorded between April 2012 and 2013 is due to the increase of “food and beverages” group (8.2%), resulting from higher prices of meat (14%), edible oils (13.6%), vegetables and dried fruits (10.6%), beverages (5.5%), and alcoholic beverages (16.5%).

The price index of “transport” also went up by 6.2%, due to higher oil prices (10.3%), vehicles (4.8%) and private transport services (1%).

Similarly, the price of “housing and domestic energy ‘group rose 5.3%, following an increase in the price of electricity and gas (7.2%) and rents (4.5 %).

The increase was 7.3%, yoy for products whose prices are free, against 4.3% for subsidized products.

These rates are of the order of 9.2% for free food and 3.2% for those subsidized. In contrast, the index of the “food and beverages” group remained stable compared with March 2013.


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