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Tunisia moves down 3 spots to 27th in Africa Visa openness index 2019

Tunisia ranked 27th (out of 54) in the Africa Visa Openness Index 2019, according to a report recently published by the African Development Bank (AfDB).

With a score of 0.396 out of 1 (0 being the closure to visa access, and 1 being the opening to visas), Tunisia has moved down three spots compared to 2018 and is struggling to enter the top 20 of the most visa-friendly countries in Africa.

According to data from the 4th edition of the Africa 2019 Visa Openness Index Report, Tunisia, which offers visa-free access to 21 African countries, is ahead of Algeria and Morocco (47th place) but remains well behind Mauritania, which ranks 10th.

With their visa-free policy for all African visitors, Seychelles and Benin remain, according to the report, the top two African countries in terms of visa opening. Ethiopia has increased this year by 32 places, which has allowed it to join the 20 most open countries on the continent.


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