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Tunisia needs 7.5 billion dinars, says Slim Besbes

Tunisia needs 7.5 billion dinars to cover the deficit of the initial budget of 2015, President of the Finance Committee at the House of People’s Representatives (ARP) Slim Besbes told Africanmanager Monday, without, however, ruling out the possibility of using an external or internal borrowing to fill the gap.

Regarding the supplementary finance law, Slim Besbes said it should not be “light” in view of the difficult situation faced by Tunisia, but rather a tool to address the economic, political and social difficulties.

“We need a budget law containing measures to rescue ailing Tunisian companies including those active in the field of tourism, crafts and export,” he has said.

According to him, the country also needs urgent reforms such as the introduction of measures to ensure social equity, easing the tax burden on the middle class and poor people, improve purchasing power and establish an equitable tax system.

He also called to implement a set of preventive measures against informal trade by reducing the tax burden on imported products. “Courageous, outstanding and audacious steps likely to address the economic difficulties must be taken,” he added.


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