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Tunisia outside of African Top 15 in FDI attractiveness

Tunisia is not among the top 15 African countries that attracted the most FDI projects in 2017.

The number of foreign direct investment (FDI) projects drained by Tunisia in 2017 has indeed dropped by 50%, compared to 2016, according to the Ernst & Young (EY) “Attractiveness Program Africa” Index (2018 edition).

Tunisia ranked 13th in the previous ranking.

The Index, which has just been published by the audit firm EY, shows that the North Africa region (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco) saw the number of projects FDI decrease by 5% in 2017.

Of the 185 FDI projects carried out by these countries, Tunisia’s share was only 7 projects against 96 projects for Morocco (+ 19%) and 56 for Egypt.

South Africa remains the African country that attracted the most foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in 2017, with 96 projects, representing 13% of the total number of projects registered on a continental scale.

It is tied with Morocco, which has absorbed 15 additional FDI projects compared to 2016, mainly benefiting from the investment boom in the automotive sector.

Among the top five African FDIs are also Kenya (67 projects in 2017 against 40 in 2016), Nigeria (64 projects) and Ethiopia (62 projects).

Across Africa, the number of FDI projects grew by 6% in 2017, reaching 718 projects.

This increase stems essentially from the economic recovery recorded across the continent in a context of weak local currencies which has reduced investment costs.

Here are the Top 15 African countries that have attracted the most FDI projects, in 2017, according to the “Attractiveness Program Africa”, (2018), which has just been published by EY:

1-South Africa (96 projects)

2-Morocco (96)

3-Kenya (67)

4-Nigeria (64)

5-Ethiopia (62)

6-Egypt (56)

7-Ghana (43)

8-Tanzania (35)

9-Algeria (24)

10-Ivory Coast (23)

11-Uganda (14)

12-Zimbabwe (13)

13-Rwanda (12)

14-Mozambique (11)

15-Zambia (11).


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