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Tunisia: over 10 MTD of smuggled goods seized

Units of the National Anti-smuggling Guard seized to the end of September 2012 goods valued at 10,277.743 dinars and foiled 323smuggling operations, against 2,965.103 dinars of goods seized and 91 smuggling operations thwarted throughout the year 2011.

Alternatively, during the month of September 2012, the value of goods seized was approximately 355 thousand dinars. These operations involved cars (260,000 dinars), fuels (5,561 dinars), food (8,815 dinars), appliances, spare parts (17,626 dinars), and miscellaneous (55,119 dinars).

During the month of September 2012, units of the National Guard also seized goods valued at 354,159 dinars, including alcoholic beverages (4,195 dinars), natural oils (1,920 dinars), bananas (1,500 dinars), fuels (882 dinars) and diesel (4,679 dinars).

Smuggling has also affected spare parts. Indeed, during the month of September of the current year, goods valued at 17,050 dinars were seized. Seizure operations also involved cars (267,000), clothing (31,080 dinars) and tobacco (23,309 dinars).


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