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Tunisia; President Ben Ali decides cabinet reshuffle

President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali conferred, late on Thursday morning, with Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi who announced at the end of the meeting that the President of the Republic had decided a cabinet reshuffle by virtue of which he appointed Messrs. and Mrs.:

– Kamel Morjane: Minister of Foreign Affairs

– Lazhar Bououni: Minister of Justice and Human Rights

– Ridha Grira: Minister of National Defence

– Mohamed Ridha Chalghoum: Minister of Finance

– Naceur El Gharbi: Minister of Social Affairs, Solidarity and Tunisian Expatriates

– Bechir Tekkari: Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

– Slim Tlatli: Minister of Tourism

– Zouheir M’dhaffar: Minister of State Properties and Landed Affairs

– Bibya Chihi: Minister of Women, Family, Children and Elderly Affairs

– Mohamed Naceur Ammar: Minister of Communication Technologies

– Mohamed Agrebi: Minister of Vocational Training and Employment

– Afif Chelbi: Minister of Industry and Technology

– Hatem Ben Salem: Minister of Education

– Oussama Romdhani: Minister of Communication

– Abdelhakim Bouraoui: Secretary-General of Government in charge of relations with the Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber of Advisers

– Refaat Chaabouni: Secretary of State to Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister in charge of Scientific Research.


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