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Tunisia: price spikes continue

The inflation rate stood at 6% in January 2013, against 5.9% in December 2012, indicate the latest statistics published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

This increase YoY was mainly due to higher prices of the group “Food and beverages” (+8.6%), and those of the group “clothing and footwear” (+7.7%). It is also attributed to the increase in the prices of the group “furniture and household equipment” (6.2%) and the group “restaurants and hotels” which grew 9.3%.

Excluding food and energy, the rate of inflation for the month of January 2013 is about 4.6%, says the INS.

With regard to the monthly evolution in the consumer price index for the month of January 2013, the INS announced a 0.8% increase in this index compared to December 2012 (0.5 %).

This evolution is mainly explained by the 1.7% rise in the price index of the group “food and beverages and the 0.5% increase in the groups” clothing and footwear,” “restaurants and hotels “and” furniture and household equipment.”


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