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Tunisia: public debt has increased by 29 points since 2010

In a recent memo on the economy, the Tunisian Institute of Strategic Studies (French: ITES) said Tunisia’s macroeconomic equilibrium has deteriorated significantly since 2010 following the stimulus policy adopted since 2011.

Thus, the public debt was 70% of GDP in 2017 (against 41% in 2010, i.e. an increase of 29 points) of which 70% is denominated in foreign currency and 30% in national currency, the external debt is at 80% of GDP (increase by 30 points).

“These negative indicators,” explains the ITES, result from the combined effects of the still negative trade balance despite the improvement in the rate of coverage of imports by exports (72% in the first five months of 2018, which corresponds to an improvement of 4.6 points compared to the first five months of 2017) and the budget deficit that has increased by 5 points compared to 2010 (6.1% of GDP in 2017 whereas the Budget Law 2018 provides for a budget deficit of 4.9%)


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