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Tunisia ranks 28th in Resource Governance Index

Tunisia was ranked 28th in the Resource Governance Index (RGI) out of 59 countries.

This index measures every two years in collaboration with the local authorities concerned by energy issues, the quality of governance, including the oil, gas and mining.

The evaluation is based primarily on the quality of the institutional and legal framework, disclosure practices, quality guarantee and control measures and general conditions of governance.

Tunisia was ranked second in North Africa and the Middle East, after Morocco (25th with a score of 53 out of 100). Egypt and Algeria were ranked 38th and 49th, respectively.

Globally, Norway is on the top of the list with a score of 98 out of 100, followed by the U.S., Britain, Australia and Brazil.

Oil-exporting Arab countries are the bottom of the list of the RGI index. Iran was ranked 53rd,

Qatar 54th and Libya 55th.


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