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Tunisia: reported investments in industry down 20.5% in HI 2021 (APII)

Reported investments in industry have declined by 20.5% in the first half of 2021, to 1,310.8 million dinars (MD), from 1,648.2 MD during the same period of 2020, according to the latest statistics published by the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII).

Reported investments dropped by 68.6% in the sector of the building materials to 76.7 MD and 47.9% in the sector of the mechanical and electrical industries to 350.6 MD.

They also went down by 45.4 % to 10.6 MD in the leather and footwear industry and 22.7 % to 63 MD in the textile and clothing industries. A 15,8 % decrease was also recorded in reported investments in various industries.

On the other hand, reported investments in the food-processing industries grew 56,5% to 462,8 MD. The same upward trend was noted for reported investments in the chemical industries, which rose 52,1% to 146,2 MD.

Reported investments in industry are distributed at a rate of 574,5 MD for the fully exporting regime and 736,3 MD for the non-fully exporting regime.

Foreign holding investments stood at 582,3 MD, including 198,6 MD joint investments and 383,7 MD of 100% foreign investments.

The share of the Eastern regions in reported investments in industry amounted to 984,7 MD, whereas that of Western regions reached 326,1 MD.


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