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Tunisia: Textile & clothing exports down 2.29% in June

Exports of the textile and clothing sector posted a decline of 2.29% in June 2013, compared to the same period of 2012, i.e. 483 million Tunisian dinars (MTD).

Imports recorded a near stagnation (0.51%) for a total of 327 MD.

According to the monthly analysis of the economic letter of the Technical Textile Center “CETTEX” (delivery of July 2013), the trade balance of the textile and clothing sector lost 4.2 points in June 2013 and went from 152.1% in June 2012 down to 147.9% in the same month in 2013.

In terms of exports, the textile sector has posted a decline of 13.6%, while the clothing industry has decreased by 0.39%.

Market analysis for knitwear shows an increase in value and volume on France, Spain and the Netherlands while a slight increase in value is registered in the Italian (2.54%) against a decrease in volume (-8.37%).

With regard to the textile industry, the analysis shows that apart from the increase in fibers exports (43%), all other branches posted declines in exports in value and volume.

These regressions are recorded in particular for France (-10.62% in value and -0.07% in volume), Italy (-21.78% in value and -40.45% in volume).

Major customers of Tunisia during the period (January-June 2013) are the United Kingdom (34.6%), Germany (17.7%), Spain (9.8%), the Netherlands (+5.6%), France (+3.7%), Belgium (+2.9%) and Italy (-6.5%).

The main suppliers are Turkey (36.3%), Portugal (27.9%), China (9.8%), Spain (9.2%), Germany (+5.9%), France (-3.2%), Belgium (-3.6%) and Italy (-9.6%).

The analysis of imports by industry, highlights the increased in mesh fabrics (52.08%) and fiber (+8.46%).

As for decreases, they involved branches out of denim fabric (-2.36%), yarns (-13.12%), denim fabrics (-0.28%) and fabrics for technical use (-0.98%).


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