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Tunisia : The ATB shows a sound health and plans to increase its turnover.

Farid Ben Tanfous, Managing Director of the Arab Tunisian Bank (ATB), presented the Bank Financial Statements at the Head Office of the Association of Intermediaries at the Stock Market, on Monday, October 27th . This financial communication was the opportunity for F. Ben Tanfous to highlight the achievements of the institution until 30/09/2008 compared to those of the same period in 2007. Most of the exploitation indicators of the ATB show two-digital increasing figures. The Bank Net Product increased from 16,9% to 82 MDT over the same period. This rise helped the bank to sustain its growth rhythm for the current year, during which a net profit 38,474 MDT, and a 46%, growth were registered. Talking about the risks of the current financial crisis, the Managing Director of the ATB said that the institution aims at a net profit of 44,810 MDT for 2009. Relating to the precisions by Farid Ben Tanfous, the ATB should consolidate its activities in all the strategic fields of its activity.  Changed should be sustained with a growth rhythm of over 25% for the economy against an average of 13% for the sector in 2008.

A 15.55% increase in turnover

During the nine first months of the current year the Gross Domestic Product of the ATB was estimated at 5.3. This represents a progress in comparison with the previous years, provided this same GDP was of 5.3 in 2006, and 6.3 in 2007. This GDP should rise in the three last months of the year. The currency reserves of the Bank increased from 9604 MDT to 31/12/2007 to 10500 MDT until 20/07/2008.
The main indicators of the Arab Tunisian Bank have an upward trend. The total balance registered a rise of 13.82% and stood at 2.846.240 MDT. Similarly, the Proper Capitals registered an increase of 12.68%, with an amount of 209.797 MDT. The Bank Net Result stood at 22.529 MDT with an increase of about 49.61%. The rise in these indicators contributed to the improvement of the other indicators such as the Exploitation Coefficient which increased by 50.31%, the Bank turnover which with 155.839 MDT registered a rise of 15.55%. The BNP registered a rise of 16.88% (81.957MDT), which helped the ROE to rise by about 16.41% and the ROA 1.07%.  The Bank charges are limited to 793 employees, spread over 84 agencies (they were 34 in 2001). The number of the Bank Distributors (GAB-DAB) increased from 22 machines in 2001 to 113 machines currently. The turnover of the ATB increased from 189.908 MDT in 2007, to 155.839 MDT up to the month of June 2008. Its BNP increased from 100.316 MDT in 2007 to 81.957 MDT up to the month of September 2008. The Bank Net Result stood at 26.332 MDT in 2007, it reached 13.211 MDT in June 2008, and increased from 22.529 in September of the same year. The Ongoing Deposits End of Period of the Bank increased from 2.027.969 MDT in September 2007 to 2.259.260 MDT in September 2008. This helped to identify a variation of 231.291 MDT, i.e. a rise of about 11.41%. The Ongoing Credits increased from 1.023.166 to 30.09.2007, to 1.249.569 MDT to 30.09.2008, registering a rise of 22.13%.

Good results despite the lacks in Portfolios

The Title Portfolio (Non transferred Treasury Bonds) registered a decrease of -3.81% over the period from 30.06.2007 to 30.06.2008. According to the Bank management « This decrease is mainly due to the re-classification of a part of the treasury bonds to 2008 to the post of investment portfolio for an amount of 119.536 MD and to new subscriptions in treasury bonds for 81.334 MD ».  The Investment Portfolio also registered a decrease of -45.13% over the period from 30.09.2007 to 30.09.2008. For the Bank management « This decrease is mainly due to the arrival to term of the treasury bonds to June 2008 for an amount of 119.536 MD ». The deficit on this portfolio was limited to the amount of 93.613 MDT.  These decreases can in no way indeed hinder the development of the bank. According to Farid Ben Tanfous, the bank plans to increase its capital to raise it to 74 millions DT, in order to reinforce the back up of its proper funds. Its presence on the Treasury Bond market with over 424 million DT will strongly interfere thanks to its excess in liquidity during the next adjudications planned in the coming months. The cooke Ratio of the ATB should automatically improve to stand at over 10% by the end of 2008. Farid Ben Tanfous confirmed that despite the current trend in the international financial regulation spheres, that ATB started the process of conformity with the agreements of Bâle II for a year under the initiative of BCT, According to him the ATB « can only rejoice of the advantages gained after the implementation of the new information system contributing to organising the bank and a better apprehension of the operational risks».


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