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Tunisia: TTC is GHF 2nd project; it will be set up in Kalaât Landlouss.

Esam Jenah, Chairman of Gulf Finance House, formally briefed, last week, the Tunisian head of State on Tunis City Telecom (TTC) project which will be carried out by  “Vision 3”, a venture including GFH (Golf House Financing ), Ithmar Bank and ADIH (Abu Dhabi Investment House). Tunisian law society Vision 3 is planning to set up a project whose investment is expected to reach 3 billion USD. The project is expected to bring in its wake  100 telecommunications  companies generating about 26 thousand new jobs.
Important news: TTC project will be set up on an area of 260 hectares in the region Kalaât Landlouss ,more precisely on the road leading to the sea, so as to be waterfront located  , as shown in the attached. map. That will provide more value to the location and the land around.

The components of this project invlude an international communications university , an  international communication exchange market, a group for technology development, a free trade area for business and a technology center in the areas of multimedia and content development .
Though this project is initiated by the same company i.e. GFH, IT does not  substitute for the financial harbour project due to be set up in Ariana region.
According to our sources, all studies have been completed. The Master Plan of the Financial Harbor (FH) should soon be presented to the Tunisian authorities for approval.  The work of FH GFH should even start next February.
Bukhatir also is going ahead and doing well.
Regarding the other major project in the same region, it is suggested that the geotechnical drive has started as of January 5. This means that Abderrahman Bukhatir Tunis Sports City project has already started as well. The promoter paid last week a visit to  Tunisia , for monitoring and overseeing the launch of this drive. It is worth noting that  Bukhatir Group, which has already hired about 70 people in Tunisia, providing so far the country with a net foreign exchange of about 100 MDT.
The new  GFH  project announced in the aftermath of the international financial and economic crisis, and as many investment funds of in Arab Gulf countries are  reviewing  their investment strategies, provides evidence on Tunisia  strong positioning , compared to other places involved in investment especially in the field of international real estate. Arab FDI is keeping its pace, does not decelerate, but rather intensifies


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