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Tunisia: Tunisair’s inaugural flight to Benin next December 14

Tunisair will launch its inaugural flight on the Tunis-Cotonou line in Benin on December 14, 2017.

Flights are operated every Wednesday and Saturday. The rate is 2025 DT.

This flight will pass through Abidjan, Togo or Niamey, in Niger, knowing that Benin has just abolished the entry visa for Tunisians, waiting for Tunisia to do it in turn. Another flight is being prepared on Sudan via Ndjamena, Chad.

TABC (Tunisia Africa Business Council) has been very active in campaigning for the abolition of visas for several African countries to Tunisia.

The latter remains one of the few countries on the continent to impose visas for the majority of African nationals and not to issue a visa over the Internet, which blocks trade and exchanges between Tunisia and sub-Saharan countries.

The abolition of visas on the Tunisian side and the launch of new flights can help boost trade and expand the export of services and goods, knowing that one of the competitors of Tunisia, Morocco, has abolished visas for all African countries with few exceptions.


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