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Fuel shortage hits the Gambia

A crippling fuel shortage has hit the tiny West African State of The Gambia since Monday forcing up the prices of petrol and diesel.

The price of petrol has increased from 50 delasis to 65 delasis, about US$2 dollars, per litre while diesel is selling at 50 delasis, about US$1.50, from 48 delasis.

The situation has left commercial and non-commercial vehicle owners struggling for the commodity at fuel stations across Greater Banjul, a densely-populated urban area. Commuters have also been affected as a result of the fuel shortage.

Taxi drivers say they are feeling the pinch as transport fares remain the same.

“We are facing a lot of difficulties trying to run our businesses as taxi drivers,” said Malang Camara. “The increase in fuel prices without increase in transport fares means we are running at a loss.”

“It is only in The Gambia that fuel prices can be increased without increasing transport fares,” he argued.

He criticised the country’s transport union for not protesting what he called the “deliberate” increase in fuel prices.


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