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Tunisia: value of olive oil exports soars 100.8% in November 2022

The value of olive oil exports in November 2022, 1st month of the campaign 2022/2023, has increased by 100.8%, compared to November 2021, standing at TND 240.3 million, according to data from the National Observatory of Agriculture (ONAGRI) released Wednesday.

According to the same source, the quantities exported have reached 17,200 tons, up 42.1% compared to the same month of the previous campaign 2021/2022.

The National Observatory of Agriculture also reports an upward trend in the sale prices of olive oil in the Gremda market (national barometer of olive prices in Tunisia) from the beginning of the campaign (2022/2023). Until December 6, 2022, the maximum reached is 4200 millimes the kg, against a maximum of 2020 millimes the kg recorded during the same period of the previous campaign (2021/2022).

On foreign markets, an increase in prices of extra virgin olive oil has been recorded due to decreases in production, starting with Spain and Tunisia, which condition the availability on the markets (5.40 euros / kg in Greece and Portugal / 5.37 euros / kg in Spain / 5.10 euros / kg in Tunisia and Morocco …).

The ONAGRI also reports an average rise of 3 to 5% in prices of organic oil on international markets during the week of December 9, 2022.


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