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Tunisians increasingly fond of delivery, in a country with a GDP of 0.9%

Looking at the 0.2% growth in GDP in the first quarter of 2024, it’s hard to believe that Tunisians are so absorbed in their work that they don’t even have time to go out for lunch.

And there is a plethora of brands, both Tunisian and foreign, to deliver meals, whose contribution to value creation in the Tunisian economy is debatable.

An annual turnover of TND 60 million?

First of all, Best, Easy, Express, not to mention Yassir and other semi-foreign companies, are springing up like mushrooms in the landscape of commission-based companies.

We don’t know if there is a link between the rise of delivery and the fall in GDP, at least not until 2022.

As a rough estimate, and according to professionals in the sector, this represents a turnover of TND 175,000 per day (approximately a total turnover of around TND 60 million), in a market essentially made up of 3 large platforms, which manage an average total order volume of 6 to 7,000 meals per day, and several service providers, particularly for motorcycle deliveries.

Tunis, Ben Arous, Sousse and Sfax top the list of delivery enthusiasts

The top Tunisian cities in terms of the volume of home-delivered meal orders are clearly led by the capital, Tunis, which stands out with more than 800 partners listed on the platform.

This is according to a press release sent to us by a local PR agency working on behalf of one of the largest delivery companies in Tunis.

According to a ranking drawn up by this company, which did not give details of the method and criteria used for this ranking, Tunis is closely followed by Ben Arous, Sfax and Sousse, which complete this ranking and bear witness to the country’s commercial dynamism.

In 2023, the sandwich reigns supreme on the home delivery market in Tunisia, with the equivalent of one sandwich delivered every minute to thousands of satisfied users.

Pizza and salad follow on the podium of the most ordered dishes. Salad in particular has experienced a meteoric rise, with a 460% increase, symbolizing its important place in the Tunisian diet.

Chicken, tacos, tuna pizza and ‘makloub’, top 5 deliveries

Not to be outdone, traditional Tunisian cuisine takes fifth place with an impressive increase to 93,000 orders in 2023, with the most regular customer placing 145 orders alone.

Products that have won over Tunisians’ taste buds range from sandwiches and chicken to tacos, tuna pizza and ‘makloub’.

One user in particular has shown a voracious appetite, with 307 orders delivered in Tunis – that’s almost one order a day.

All of this is possible thanks to the more than 800 active couriers who regularly use the platform to generate income.

The downside of a fast-growing quick-commerce sector

Quick commerce is on the rise, revolutionizing the shopping habits of Tunisians, who are increasingly opting for home delivery for their daily shopping.

This trend is illustrated by the record order of the year: one user spent the sum of TND 980 in a supermarket chain, a sign that online shopping is no longer limited to small purchases.

The recent signing of a strategic partnership with Monoprix and the Magasin Général with Yassir pave the way for a significant increase in shopping orders in the coming months.

But Tunisians’ appetite for delivery doesn’t stop there. They are embracing the convenience of delivery services that go far beyond groceries.

In the Tunisian capital, Valentine’s Day was celebrated with a touch of romance and delicacy: 78 bouquets were delivered via the app, bringing love and freshness to the lucky couple.

Home delivery has become an integral part of everyday life in Tunisia, demonstrating that lifestyles are evolving towards greater convenience and efficiency. But that’s not all.

On Wednesday, October 25, sociologist Sofiane Jaballah told Radio Express FM that a survey had been conducted on the situation of workers in home-delivery companies. And the results were not all good news.


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