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UAE employees willing to work harder now

Slightly more than half of the Middle Eastern region’s employees have changed their work behaviours and attitudes for the better as a result of the current economic downturn.


The ongoing effects of the downturn have led 32% of professionals polled to state that they are working harder now due to additional demanding job responsibilities. A quarter of respondents also said the fears of losing their jobs are spurring them to put much more effort into their jobs. According to the May online poll conducted by Bayt.com, 65% of the Middle East region’s professionals were worried about their job security.


In contrast, 27% out of 13,639 respondents across the Middle East felt the downturn has not affected their work pressure while 16% are less motivated to work hard during the ailing economic situation.


However, in the event that they do lose their current jobs, 55% would take a pay cut until they secure a job with an even higher pay. In April, the same percentage had preferred to lose their job instead. Now one out of ten respondents would take any job – regardless of the pay – whereas only a quarter would rather stay unemployed than earn less money.


Amer Zureikat, regional manager of Bayt.com, believes there is a shift of attitudes in Middle Eastern professionals that they are now willing to “make the best of a bad situation”. “In terms of salaries, generally professionals are now more understanding of the job situation. If faced with the option of a job that pays less or no job at all, the former is now more preferable.”


Interestingly, an overwhelming 80% of respondents felt employers were using the economic crisis as an excuse to cut spending on employees. Another 7% said the cuts being made were strictly necessary while 4% believed employee benefits were the same as before. Only 3% of professionals said their companies are increasing employee benefits.


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