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WB endorses new assistance strategy for Mauritania

The board of directors of the World Bank late Thursday endorsed new Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) for Mauritania for 2008-2011, the institution says in a statement issued here Friday.

The strategy, set up in close collaboration with other development partners, seeks mainly “to strengthen economic governance, build the capacities of the private sector and improve the investment climate”.

It is also expected to pursue the efforts “to fight against poverty” and “inequalities” both in cities and rural areas.

The strategy, matching the previous interventions of the Bank in Mauritania, focuses on five main issues: accelerate growth and maintain macroeconomic balances, set up growth in the poor people’s economic environment, develop human resources and provide access for all to basic social services, enhance governance, build the capacities and increase the strategic supervision of the programmes, the monitoring, assessment and co-ordination.

The Bank is planning to “renew dialogue with the private sector as part of a technical assistance project” to foster development in partnership with other institutions.

Commenting on the adoption of the CAS in favour of Mauritania, the head of the Bank’s operations, James Blond, explained that “it seeks to address the big challenges facing the State on sustainable development”.

“It also outlines the main areas where we are better equipped to help the country get a full impact on poverty reduction and to improve the Mauritanian populations’ living conditions,” he said in the statement.


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