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Yazaki Group stays in Tunisia, devises plans to expand

“We need a stable environment so that we can continue carrying out the development strategy of the Yazaki Group in Tunisia” announced the President of Yazaki Group, during a press briefing Tuesday in Tunis.

The announcement was made following a meeting with Prime Minister Hamadi Jbeli, which he described as fruitful and positive regarding the future of this company. “We found with the Prime Minister the necessary understanding for the future of the group despite the delicate situation Tunisia is going through,” said Rudoplh Horst who emphasized the group’s intention to develop its projects in Tunisia.

This message has had resonance with Minister of Industry and Trade, Mohamed Lamine Chakhari present at the meeting, who appealed to the citizens of the region to better understand the conditions faced by the country.

“The important thing for now is to reassure our most strategic clients, especially with the announced pledges of Yazaki to act with all their means to redress the situation where losses are huge, he said, adding that” there are substantial indications that efforts of this group are combined to achieve the objectives set and already announced in 2011, i.e. 4,000 jobs by 2012 with a distribution on all units. ”

Asked by AfricanManager on the reopening of the unit Om Larayes, the Minister of Industry and Trade, said that this action depends on the return of stability and meeting conditions for this purpose.

According to him, the closure of the unit of Om Larayes was decided following the proliferation of sit-ins and claims. “This action has been implemented in the wake of a decision that has cost us dearly. It came after several calls launched by the group to stakeholders in the region to address this situation, knowing that the production of this unit is special. In fact, the group was forced to move the production to other sites. ”

For employees of this unit, the minister stressed that one part has been relocated to the unit of Gafsa. The President of the group is committed to support this transfer, he said, adding that “this does not mean that it is a total commitment to all staff.

Employees need to work in Gafsa, but those who worked on this site will benefit from training allowing their rapid integration into the unit of Gafsa. ”

Our aim is to create necessary conditions for investors so that they can work and activity returns to normal. “In fact, Yazaki’s concern is to reconnect with its strategy, projections and forecasts set since its establishment in Tunisia.” He added: “investors are already assured. The fact that they come to us is strong evidence indicating that they wish to invest in Tunisia provided that they are assured of return to normal. ”


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