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Zitouna Bank snatches 7700-customer market, prepares to launch its mobile banking on November 7

Tunisair Company and Zitouna Bank signed, on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, a framework agreement for the benefit of staff of the Tunisian airline. This convention, whose documents were signed by senior officials of both companies, provides staff of Tunisair, who are 3,030 executives and employees, and also de facto staff of all the subsidiaries of the company who are 4670 executives, the status of preferred customers of Zitouna Bank, offering them access to the bank’s products and services at preferential conditions and personalized treatment of their files.

Staff of Tunisair and its subsidiaries, plus the company’s pilots association, will now apply for financings at very favorable terms. Products such as buying a new or old property for residential use are funded with profit margins of the bank not exceeding the equivalent of MMT+2.75, if not less, and repayable over 20 years. From home to the automobile, through the purchase of equipment or appliances, everything is now offered by the Zitouna Bank to the personnel of Tunisair, its subsidiaries and its pilots, at low and competitive cost. With this agreement, the Zitouna Bank ensures a market of 7,700 customers. For this category of clients that include businesses, Zitouna already pays, for example, deposit interests, and turns to individuals. For the latter, it offers a savings account rate of 2.75% against a conventional rate of 2.5%.

Abu Hafs Omar Najaï also stipulates that Zitouna is “a universal bank that applies the techniques of Islamic banks. It is a bank that wants to reach all classes of customers.
Earlier, Nabil Chettaoui, CEO of Tunisair had explained that “they came to us and they were aggressive and we have a great proposal that we’ve accepted for the benefit of executives and employees of Tunisair. In the joint statement distributed to reporters, the company considered the signing of this agreement as an “extension of its social policy that puts its people at the heart of its concerns.”

Managers of Zitouna Bank seized this opportunity to explain to those who do not know yet that the bank offers a full range of products that meet the needs of all social categories. “We have no credits, but funding. Our products have fixed and invariable costs in the long and short terms. We do not have a concept of time value, we do not have account debit or discount, but we have all alternative products that meet these needs and everything is written down, “says Mahfoudh Barouni Chairman of the Board of Directors of the bank, adding that “the Zitouna bank respects the law first, the banking law, and then the sharia. It contributes to economic development and the well-being of citizens, and we are profitable and efficient for those who trust us. “
Mobile Banking on November 7.

On this occasion, and referring to the new marketing channels currently explored by the bank [now 12 branches, 12 more by year-end and 25 branches planned per year], the DG of the Zitouna bank announced the launch on  November 7, 2010, of Zitouna’s Mobile Banking. It is “an embedded application on iPhone, BlackBerry and any device supporting Java and Android browser. This application of Mobile Banking of the Zitouna bank enables its customers to access their accounts remotely and view various services of the bank on a user-friendly, “explained later a technician from the bank. The Mobile Banking, just like Internet Banking, will be also offered free by Zitouna to its customers Tunisair and subsidiaries. . Asked about security, the same technician assured us that this product will run on Zitouna’s own server.
Referring also to its electronic products, officials of Zitouna bank say they include insurance products for customers. The opportunity is thus given to announce the upcoming launch of an insurance subsidiary of the bank, now that “Takaful Zitouna” has been given green light.


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