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About US$1.0 billion pledge released to Burundi

About US$1.0 billion has so far been released to Burundi after the roundtable held by the country’s bilateral and multilateral partners in October last year in the Swiss capital, Geneva, official sources say in Bujumbura.

The US$2.6 billion, which was promised at the end of the Geneva conference, is meant to finance a strategic framework for growth and fight against poverty over the next three years, official sources said on Tuesday.

According to Pamphile Muderega, officer in charge of national foreign aid commission, the conventions on the commitments made in Geneva had been signed for about US$1.0 billion.

Other meetings with partners are expected in the next few months for the release of the rest of the promised aid.

The strategic framework for growth and the fight against poverty focuses on several priority sectors such as transport, technology, the private sector, education, health, water, sanitation and environment.

Good governance, security, human rights and regional integration are other priority sectors.

About 70% of the Burundi’s population is suffering from poverty, following years of civil war that destroyed the country’s socio-economic infrastructure.

About 52% of Burundi’s budget is supported by bilateral and multilateral partners


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