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African leaders urged to involve academics in continent’s development

Delegates at the third African economists conference under way in Dakar have called for more involvement of researchers and academics in the continent’s development policies.

Various speakers at conference under the theme, “Industrialization and economic emergence in Africa” called for more involvement of researchers’ works and the consideration of their various recommendations in the implementation of the continent’s development policies.

The director of economic affairs at the African Union Commission, Dr René Kouassi, said Africa must do its best to consult academics in the implementation of development policies.

“Development can’t be achieved ex-nihilo (out of nothing), it is achieved through ideas, reflections of researchers and sharing,” he added.

The Senegalese minister of Economy and Finance, Amadou Kane, said the conference would enable economists to give their viewpoints on key economic issues, add value to debates on the continent’s development and participate at a virtual level in African Union summits and ministerial conferences through documented propositions and concrete recommendations.

The third African economists conference, which opened on Wednesday in Dakar has brought together 150 researchers and economists from the Diaspora and the continent.

It aims at identifying and analysing the economic problems facing African countries and proposing efficient and sustainable solutions.


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