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American company may help fish out black box of crashed plane

The French Investigation and Analyses Bureau (BEA) has requested the services of an American company in the recovery of the black box o f the A310 aircraft of the Yemenia Airways that crashed into the Comorian waters 3 0 June, French Ambassador in the Comoros, Luc Hallade, disclosed Thursday at a n e ws conference here.

Hallade said the flight recorders of the aircraft were located at 1,200 metres d epth, while the French ship, le Beautemps-Beaupré, which arrived Moroni 17 July f or an oceanographic study in an attempt to fish out the black box could not go b e yond 1,000 metres.

“We need a robot capable of going beyond,” said the diplomat, who confirmed that the signals of the recorders were real.

Hallade said the American ship was expected to reach the Comorian waters towards the first half of next month.

The Director in charge of Defence at the Presidency of the Comoros, Mohamed Baca r Dossar, said the identification of the 24 bodies in Tanzania was on-going “til l now”.

Some Comorian families are said to have opposed the burial of their relations in Tanzania, leading to a hot arguments after religious leaders said they did not s ee the need for the repatriation of the corpses.


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