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Angolan civil servants to get 5.4 per cent wage increase

 Angolan civil servants will get a 5.4 per cent wage in crease under the revised 2010 budget approved by Cabinet on Friday that also giv e s the green light to the government’s efforts to achieve a more balanced distrib u tion of the national income.

The revised state budget foresees the promotion of rural development and the imp rovement of management of local administrations and increase in public investmen t s in infrastructures and social equipment to offer health and education services

to the population, according to a communique issued after the meeting chaired by

president Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

The state budget also expects the diversification of domestic production of cons umer goods to replace imports, promotion of exports, improvement of marketing ch a nnels and extension of the financial system throughout the country.

The revised budget includes resources needed for pensioners of the Defence Minis try, extension of access of the population to education and healthcare, reductio n of maternal and child infant mortality, reversing the trend of worsening preval e nce of HIV and AIDS, TB, trypanosomiasis and malaria.

An important innovation of the revised budget is the establishment of a fund of 100,000 barrels of the country’s daily oil production to finance the constructio n of basic infrastructure, mainly electricity and water supply.


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