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Bahrain to use renewable energy in 3 years

Bahrain will be able to use renewable energy in the form of solar and wind power in three years, top government officials have said.

A committee has been set up to draw plans to develop and generate the two types of renewable energy in the country, they told a Press conference at the Electricity and Water Authority to announce the completion of the two phases of the GCC power grid.

The $1.2 billion (BD452 million) grid connects Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar to a single power line.
It aims at aiding any GCC state suffering from a sudden disruption in its power supply.

The project will tackle any problems such as power cuts and blackouts faced by member states.
It is also expected to save money because member countries will have to construct fewer power stations as a result, they added.

Electricity and Water Authority chief executive  said the grid could also be used to distribute nuclear energy if member states adopted such projects.

Plans have also been drawn up to launch a new project to generate renewable energy in Bahrain, he said.


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