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Tunisia: olive crop in Sousse estimated at 109,000 tons

Some one hundred and nine thousand tons of olives will be harvested during this season which begins on November 11, i.e. the equivalent of 21,809 tons of olive oil, according to estimates of the regional agricultural development authority (CRDA).

The average production over the last ten years was 60 000 tons, CRDA said.

This increase is explained by the significant rainfall recorded during the last agricultural season, the same source added.

In terms of labor, agricultural services this yield requires the mobilization of some 9,080 workers for a period of about 120 days.

With regard to the olive pressing operation, about 210 mills are available with a daily capacity estimated at 4,920 tons.

The olive sector in the governorate of Sousse holds a prominent position in the local economic and social life, with olive trees covering 55% of the overall area of the governorate of Sousse (78,000 hectares) and accounting for 8% of the total area of olive trees in the country.


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