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Botswana govt approves hike in transport fares

The Botswana government has agreed to a 6% public transport fares hike following incessant increase in fuel prices, a communique announcing the fare said Wednesday.

The decision comes after a prolonged dialogue between government and transporters, the communiqué saod.

“The Ministry of Transport and Communications through consultation with other key stakeholders, would like to inform members of the public that with effect from the 1st December 2012, public transport fares will be increased by 6% (percent),” said the statement.

“This takes cognizant of the recent global fuel increase,” it said.

This month, retail pump prices for petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin were increased for the third time, following the last increase in September.

On each occasion, the price of the three products went up by 50 thebe (about US$0.0634) 


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