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Circular No. 20 aims to ensure better coordination between stakeholders and Prime Ministry

The Prime Ministry said in a press release Tuesday circular No. 20 imposing conditions for negotiations with the union side is not meant as it is spread to undermine union action.

The objective is to ensure coordination with the ministries and public institutions on the one hand and the Prime Ministry, on the other, the same source stressed.

The Prime Ministry has affirmed its commitment to respect participatory work with social partners and its attachment to social dialogue as a means of social negotiation.

The circular aims to promote the conditions for successful social negotiations and ensure more transparency and credibility of the government’s commitments to the social partner.

The purpose of this measure is also to avoid agreements whose implementation is financially impossible and are signed without prior coordination especially in this current financial situation, the same source noted.

The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), on January 3, called on Prime Minister Najla Bouden to withdraw the circular No. 20, which contains measures that violate the right to negotiate.


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