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Commission proposes new salary for Nigerian President, VP and others

The Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) has proposed a new salary structure for the president, the vice presid e nt, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, ministers and other top government officials i n Nigeria.

According to a PANA report, culled from the nigerian business directory here, a bill proposing an annual basic salary of 3.5 million naira (US$ 1 = 125 naira) f o r the president, N3 million for the vice president and N3.3 million for the Chie f Justice of Nigeria was presented to the national assembly by the RMAFC.

The bill also seeks to amend the salaries and allowances of certain political, p ublic and judicial office holders.

It also proposed an annual basic salary of N2.206 million for the Chief of Staff to the President, ministers, Secretary to the Government of the Federation and t he Head of Civil Service of the Federation.

Chairmen of commissions, established by an act of the National Assembly, are als o to earn a basic salary of N2 million each. The RMAFC also proposed annual basi c salary of N1.957 million for ministers of state.

Special Advisers to the President are to earn a basic salary of N1.942 million, N1.925 million annual basic salary will be for the Auditor-General of the Federa t ion, permanent secretaries, chief executives of parastatal, agencies and the INE C resident electoral commissioners while N2.5 million will be the annual basic s a lary for a justice of the Supreme Court and the president of the Court of Appeal .

Chief Judges of the Federal High Court and FCT Chief Judge are to get about N2 m illion .

The bill is also proposing allowances and fringe benefits for the officers to co ver accommodation, utilities, domestic staff, entertainment, medical, security a n d furniture.

Vehicle loans, personal assistants’ emoluments, severance allowances, leave allo wances, hardship allowances, newspaper allowances, duty tour allowances, estacod e , constituency allowances and monitoring allowances will also be covered.

The president and the vice president, according to the bill, will get 400 per ce nt of their basic salary as vehicle loans, a severance allowance of 300 per cent

of their basic pay and 10 per cent as leave allowance.

They will also get 250 per cent of their basic pay annually as constituency allo wance and 50 per cent as hardship allowance. Other benefits, like newspapers; ac c ommodation, utilities, domestic staff and entertainment would be provided for th e president and the vice president.

The RMAFC has also proposed a sitting allowance of N500,000 for each member of t he Council of State. The council will sit six times in a year and each of the me m bers would therefore be paid N3 million in a year as sitting allowance, if the N a tional Assembly approves the proposal.

Members of the Council of State include the president, the vice president, forme r heads of state and former presidents, the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the Pre s ident of the Senate. Others are state governors and former chief justices of Nig e ria.


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