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Congo to embark on high-speed internet development programme

The Congolese government will establish a National Plan for the development of high-speed broadband in a bid to provide the people with an ICT and broadband strategies and enhance telecommunications and information technologies across the country, the Regulatory Post and e-Communications Agency (ARPCE) announced here Thursday.

A working platform, bringing together ARPCE officials and the international firm Sofrecom, was held Wednesday in Brazzaville to ponder ways and means of launching the plan.

The plan will be developed by Sofrecom.

The programme will be implemented as part of the Central African Backbone (CAB) project which aims to provide Congo with the telecommunications infrastructure that will cover all countries of the Central African sub-region and enhance the Congolese digital environment.

Luc Missidimbazi, the National Project Coordinator, said: “this programme is essential for the proper development of broadband in the Republic of Congo.”

“This is a very important issue for the country. Congo is one of the few African countries to implement a national plan of high-speed broadband development. This proves that high speed broadband is an issue that Congo should be devoted to over the next 15 to 20 years,” Yves Castanou, the Director-General of ARPCE, stated.

The CAB project’s mission is to have more areas supplied with high-speed broadband, enhance the use of services of regional broadband networks as well as reduce costs.  


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