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Consumer price index posts 4.4% increase

The household consumer price index went up by 4.4% from November 2010 to November 2011, as a result of the rising prices of food products (+4.6%), tobacco (+9.8%), restaurant and hotel services (+8%).

Clothing and footwear prices are also on the rise (+ 5.4%), as well as housing and electricity consumption (+4.5%) and furniture (+3.9%).

Climbing prices also touched upon various products and services (+2.8%), as well as on leisure and culture (+1.3%).

Regarding 2011, the consumer price index went up by 0.4% from October to November, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS), following the increase in winter clothes and footwear prices (+ 2.1%).

In November, INS noted a rise in health costs by 0.4%, due to the rise in prices of private clinical services.

Prices of food and beverages rose by 0.2%, those of spices by 1%, dry fruits by 0.7% and vegetables by 0.6%. Prices of outdoors food, i.e., restaurants and hotels, went up by 0.7%.


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