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Cote d’Ivoire: SONATEL Burkina Faso maintains lead at BRVM

The West African regional stock exchange (BRVM) ended its business Thursday up against the previous slide, with the BRVM index 10 rising from 257.87 to 259.84 points, an increase of 0.76%.

The Composite BRVM index gained 0.58% to 244.19 points against the 242.78 previously recorded.

The transaction generated 465.66 million francs CFA against the 549.89 million francs CFA recorded on  Monday.

Market capitalization reached 5.928.90 billion francs CFA, whereas that of the market rate rose to 1.183.88 billion francs CFA.

While Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI Togo) remained the most active in volume with 81.829 exchanged shares, the most active in value remained SONATEL (Burkina Faso) which is on course with 187.11 million francs CFA of transactions.

Most active companies:
Status                                               Volume                               Value in CFA
Ecobank Trans. Incorp               81.829                                   4.286.058
SONATEL BURKINA FASO       29.464                                   187.107.020
SONATEL SENEGAL                   8.051                                     185.186.905
FILTISAC Cote d’Ivoire               2.430                                      26.955.000
TOGOLESE STATE                        2.248                                      22.255.200


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