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E/Guinea: ‘Symposium, Key turning point in Malabo’s economic emergence’

The International Symposium for Economic diversification in Equatorial Guinea, which ended here Tuesday, may have put the African country back on the agenda of international investment opportunities, according to a press statement issued here by the organizers.

For two days, the 800 delegates, among them over 200 international investors, shared their expertise and experiences to shape policy and determine key factors for an attractive business climate together with the launch of a Co-Investment Fund (CIF), worth US$ 1 billion, and the signatures for investments of over 500 million Euros.

Called the “Emerging Equatorial Guinea” Symposium, the forum featured an international assembly of over 800 participants tripling the initial projection.

The business players from all over the world who attended saw for themselves one of Africa’s most dynamic economies — in areas of Agriculture/Animal Ranching; Fisheries; Petrochemicals 


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