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Energy deficit causes power cuts in Mauritania

The frequent power cuts in Nouakchott, the Mauri tanian capital, are due to a deficit in electrical energy production ranging fro m 7 to 17 per cent in the hot season, according to a statement by the Mauritanian

Electricity Company (SOMELEC) which was made available to PANA Tuesday.

The overall production capacity of the company is 48 megawatt (MW), while the de mand varies between 55 and 65 megawatts, the statement said.

Facilities in the capital are made up of the thermal plant in Arafat (a Nouakcho tt suburb), whose power is 25 MW and generators, including the plant in Ksar (al s o in Nouakchott), designed to produce 10MW of electricity.

Energy is also imported from the hydroelectric plant in Manantali, Mali, as part of the Senegal River Basin Authority (OMVS), for a quota of 15 per cent of the p roduction or 13 MW.

Faced with this situation and in anticipation of the summer period, “SOMELEC has implemented, on equity capital, major actions for the maintenance, rehabilitati o n, and strengthening of plants and distribution networks.”

Power is rationed in all the neighbourhoods and it does not exceed two hours in a row per neighbourhood.

The state said that ongoing projects would help to improve supply.

The projects are on the extension of the capacity of the Arafat plant to 10 MW ( in 2010) and 20 MW (in 2012), and of the capacity of the OMVS hydroelectric stat i on in Felou to 60 MW (in 2013), including three states, and the use of a portion

of 300 MW from a 700 MW-plant that operates with gas from Mauritanian deposits, w hose feasibility study is underway. 




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