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Fuel prices go up in Burundi

Burundi has raised fuel prices for the fourth time s ince the beginning of the year, triggering anger among consumers, PANA reported Thursday.

At the beginning of the year, a litre of petrol sold for BF 1,500, or about US$1 .5, but it has since gone up to BF 1,700 in the new price regime published by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism.

According to the Minister, Ms Euphrasie Bigirima, consumers should however be ha ppy because the state had continued to subsidise the prices, which should have been as high as BF 2,500, or about US$2.5, for pet rol.

She however warned that Burundians should expect frequent price adjustments, dep ending on world prices.

Meanwhile, the hike in fuel prices has also led to a rise in cost of transportat ion and basic goods.


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