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Ethiopia sends 70-strong trade delegation to US

A delegation of more than 70 Ethiopian business leaders has left for the US to take part in the Third Ethio-US Trade and Investment Forum 8-13 Oct. 2013 in Chicago, the government said here Monday.

Headed by State Minister Dawano Kedir of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the delegation comprises Ethiopian business leaders in agriculture, export trade, tourism and floriculture sectors.

The Forum is being organised by Ethiopian firm Wafa Marketing and Promotion PLC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, DC, Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), US Agency for International Development and members of the Ethiopian business community in the US.

During the Forum, the Ethiopian business leaders are expected to undertake business-to-business discussions with US and other African businesses.

Wafa Promotion and Marketing PLC, which is engaged in business promotion, also organised the past two forums in the US, and has undertaken similar events in India, UK, Italy, Russia and Japan.

According to government officials here, the Forum plays an important role in encouraging the inflow of foreign direct investment to Ethiopia and offers a platform for Ethiopian business to forge ties with US investors.


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