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Exports up 7.3% (11 months 2011)

Tunisian exports, valued at 22,767.8 (MTD) in the first 11 months of 2011, increased by 7.3% at current prices, compared to 2010, despite the challenging economic environment.

They resulted from exports of agricultural and food products (39.8%), electrical industries (22.9%) and more modestly textile, garment and Leather (+6.4%). The area of phosphates and derivatives, at the heart of social unrest, saw their exports fall by 36%.

These indicators are far from the performances recorded between 2009 and 2010, when domestic exports recorded a double-digit growth (+20.9%).

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INS), imports valued at 30,596.1 MTD, grew by 5.8% compared to 2010 (January to November). The growth of imports has significantly slowed down compared to 2009/2010 (27%).

However, imports of agricultural products and food staples increased by 28.7% and energy products (+24.6%). Given the difficult situation of the phosphate sector, imports of capital goods, metals and phosphate products recorded continuous declines of 8.3% and 4.5% respectively.

The coverage of imports by exports of around 74.4%, posted a 1% increase compared to 2010. In 2009, this rate amounted to 77%.


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