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Fakhfakh inaugurates 1st edition of virtual science and technology fair “Made in Tunisia”

Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh inaugurated, on Tuesday, at the “El Ghazala” Technopark, the first edition of the virtual science and technology fair “Made in Tunisia”.

The fair is a kind of Tunisian platform for research and development (rd-p.tn) bringing together all research and development initiatives developed by Tunisian expertise as part of the measures taken to stem the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country.

The Prime Minister welcomed the efforts of all ministries concerned with research, health, information technology and digital transition, which have mobilised all their research resources to develop innovative solutions to support the fight against COVID-19.

He stressed the importance of this virtual platform in strengthening the search for solutions aimed at achieving national self-sufficiency in vital areas such as health, agriculture, industry, etc.

Fakhfakh also emphasised the need to pool efforts to combat the coronavirus and to rely on national expertise to find innovative solutions in the health field.

«Tunisia should adopt a smart public policy involving experts, academics, students and bearers of innovative ideas to meet the challenge of development and strengthen its economic and social systems in all areas,” he said.

This virtual fair organised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in cooperation with the Ministries of Health, Communication Technologies and Digital Transformation, Industry and SMEs, aims to develop Tunisian skills in the fields of science, technology and innovation by encouraging researchers, inventors and bearers of innovative ideas.

It also seeks to build contact between project and idea bearers with investors, industrialists and principals in order to bolster the collective commitment to the health sector.

The fair also aims to provide the national industrial sector with ideas and projects enabling it to develop medical and paramedical equipment and tools needed in the fight against the pandemic by relying on national skills and capacities.

It is open to all projects to develop protective means, medical and paramedical tools and equipment, screening tests, logistical services, etc.

A multidisciplinary committee will select the best projects and allow a virtual interaction about them, for all stakeholders and civil society.


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