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French businessmen reassured of security in Libya

Several French businessmen said on Tuesday in Paris that they have been reassured of security in Libya at an international conference held in the French capital to sustain the establishment of rule of law in the North African country.

“We listened carefully to the points that have been made on the country’s security situation. I consider that there is actually no need to express concern. We shall therefore continue exploring business opportunities on the ground,” Pierre Jacques Frey, head of a French small and medium-size business told PANA.

The Libyan delegation, led by the minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Ahmed Abdelaziz, at the meeting highlighted the political and security situation in the country.

“We think that debates have been very important and enabled us to consider together several cooperation projects in various areas that can be mutually profitable for us and for Libya,” said Jean-Louis Tanoh, leader of a French start-up business, interested in the Libyan market.

Two French official delegations, including dozens of businessmen, have visited Libya since the fall of the former regime following the people’s revolution triggered in 2011.

French businessmen have expressed the wish to participate in the rebuilding of the Libyan infrastructure destroyed by the war.

The conference, co-chaired by the Libyan Foreign affairs minister and his French counterpart Laurent Fabius, was attended by a large number of government and regional organizations.

It discussed, among other things, reforms being implemented in Libya in the sectors of security, justice, fight against corruption and prison administration.


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