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G8 hails AfDB for help to post-conflict countries

The Group of the eight most industrialised countries (G8) has hailed efforts exerted the African Development Bank (AfDB) for post-conflict and fragile countries, the continental institution said in a statement availed to PANA in Rabat.

In the statement issued on behalf of the German presidency, the G8 Deputy Administrator, Lily Talapessy said the Group urged the AfDB and the World Bank (WB) to implement the Action Plan for access to energy in Africa.

It quoted Talapessy Tuesday as calling on the AfDB to support the health sector harmonisation process pushed by countries, saying that Germany would increase its development aid to 750 million euros annually, a good part of that being allocated to Africa.

Besides, the Group underscored the mature dialogue on the partnership between the G8 and Africa, noting that a joint dialogue Forum — the Africa Partnership Forum (APF) — was created with the participation of African countries and the G8, OCED (the Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Development) and multilateral institutions.

Similarly, it cited the G8 Action Plan for good financial governance in Africa, which seeks to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public finances according to the statement.

The AfDB, established in 1963 in Khartoum, mainly seeks to contribute to the economic development and social progress of member countries, to fund investment projects and programmes focussing on those involving several countries and to promote joint funding with development bilateral and multilateral bodies.

Also among its aims are the promotion of public and private investment in Africa through the setting up of appropriate reforms and the provision of the technical assistance necessary to the selection, the study and preparation of development projects.


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