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Greek firm to build aluminium-processing plant in Congo

The Greek company ISAKOS Soft, a world leading specialists in aluminum, will soon build an aluminum processing plant in Pointe-Noire, Congo’s main economic and industrial city, located south of country, ISAKOS Chief Isaac Grigoriadis, announced on Wednesday.

“Currently, we are studying the phases for implementation. This plant will allow consumers in Congo and the countries of the sub-region to obtain quality products at affordable prices that can be sold on the European market,” Grigoriadis told Congolese business leaders.

He said the aluminum processing plant would employ at least 200 people and its implementation would help create many more jobs through processors and installers.

ISAKOS Soft has perfect control of aluminum products and also includes the establishment and organization of processing plants and aluminum-based painting plants.

The company manufactures a wide range of products such as aluminum blinds, garage doors, transformers, aluminum, glass workshops, railings, fronts, stairs, pergolas, among others.

Initially, the plant will have a production capacity for 4000 tonnes and may increase its production if need be.

It would take some two to three years to mount the machines and start production


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